Broadcast Media:

Live Action Under 35:00

Ballers “Players Only”
Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Relyea, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Julie Altus
Dialogue Editors: Chris Kahwaty, MPSE, Robert Guastini, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Daisuke Sawa
Music Editor: Bruno Roussel, MPSE
Foley Artists: Joseph T. Sabella, Jesi Ruppel 
Foley Editor: Damien Smith
Barry “ronny/lily”
Supervising Sound Editor:  Sean Heissinger, Matthew E. Taylor
Sound Designer:  Rickley W. Dumm, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Mark Allen
Dialogue Editor:  John Creed, Harrison Meyle
Music Editor:  Michael Brake
Foley Artists:  Alyson Dee Moore, Chris Moriana 
Foley Editor:  John Sanacore, Clayton Weber
Battle at Big Rock
Supervising Sound Editor: Oliver Tarney, MPSE
Sound Designer: Oriol Tarragó, Michael Fentum
Supervising ADR Editor: Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, MPSE
Dialogue Supervisor: Rachael Tate, MPSESound Editor:  Dawn Gough
Foley Supervisor: Hugo Adams

Fleabag “Episode 1”
Sound Effects Editor: Jack Gillies
Dialogue Editors: Harry Platford, Michael WilliamsFoley Editor:  Mahoney Audio Post

Servant “ReBorn”
Supervising Sound Editor: Sean Garnhart
Supervising ADR Editor: Alexa Zimmerman, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors:Mark Filip
Dialogue Editor: Fredric Rosenberg
Music Editor: Lesley LangsFoley Editor: Julien Pirrie
Foley Artists: Gareth Rhys Jones

Star Trek Short Treks “The Trouble with Edward”
Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor
Sound Designer: Tim Farrell 
Dialogue Editor: Sean Heissinger
Music Editor: Matt Decker
Foley Artists: Ginger Geary, Doug Madick
Foley Editor: Trevor Sperry
Supervising Sound Editors:  Dave Farmer, MPSE, Csaba Wagner
Sound Designers:  Samuel Justice, MPSE, Csaba Wagner
Sound Effects Editors: Michael Orlowski, MPSE, Graham Donnelly
Dialogue Editor:  Frank Scheuring, MPSE
Foley Artist:  Nataliia Syeryakova
Foley Editor: Karina Rezhevska

The Good Place “The Answer”
Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Kevin McCullough, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Michael Jesmer
Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant J. Fuhrmann, Jason Ryterband
Foley Artists: Jody Holwadel Thomas, MPSE , Elizabeth Rainey
Foley Editor: Terry Boyd Jr 

Episodic Short Form - Dialogue / ADR

Big Little Lies “What Have They Done?”

Supervising Sound Editors: Linda Forsén, Paul Lucien Col
Dialogue Editor: Alex Horlick
ADR Editor: Natalie Fleurant, MPSE

Castle Rock “Restore Hope”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Ryan Briley

Lost in Space “Unknown”

Supervising Sound Editor: Branden Spencer, MPSE
Dialogue Editors: Tim Tuchrello, Mike Hertlein, MPSE

Modern Love “Take Me as I Am”

Supervising Sound Editor: Lewis Goldstein
Supervising ADR Editor: Gina Alfano, MPSE
Dialogue Editor:  Alfred DeGrand

The Mandalorian “Chapter One”

Supervising Sound Editors: Matthew Wood, David Acord
Dialogue Editors: Steve Slanec, James Spencer
ADR Editor: Richard Quinn

The Terror: Infamy “The Weak are Meat”

Supervising Sound Editor: Gord Hillier
ADR Editors: Aaron Olson, Gord Sproule
Dialogue Editor: Gord Hillier

Vikings “New Beginnings”

Supervising Sound Editors: Jane Tattersall, MPSE, David McCallum
Supervising ADR Editor: Dale Sheldrake
Dialogue Editor: Claire Dobson

Whiskey Cavalier “Czech Mate”

Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Michael Jesmer
ADR Editor: Michael Jesmer


Episodic Short Form - Sound Effects / Foley

Catch-22 “EP 101”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jerry Ross 
Sound Designer: Chris Assels
Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Fuller
Foley Editor: Clay Weber, MPSE
Foley Artist: Catherine Harper, MPSE 
Foley Editor: Katherine Rose, MPSE

Daybreak “Josh vs. the Apocalypse Part 1”

Supervising Sound Editor:  John Benson
Sound Effects Editors: John Snider, Todd Murakami
Foley Artists: Zane Bruce, Lindsay Pepper
Foley Editors: Larry Hopkins, Antony Zeller, MPSE

Hanna “Forest”

Supervising Sound Editor: Joe Beal
Sound Designer: Andy Kennedy
Foley Artist: Anna Wright

Foley Editors: Philip Clements, Tom Stewart

Mr. Robot “Method Not Allowed”

Supervising Sound Editors: Kevin Buchholz, Brett Hinton
Sound Designer: Dan Kremer
Sound Effects Editors: Davis Fossum, Daniel Coleman, Patrick O'Sullivan
Foley Artists: Dominquie Decaudain, Pam Kahn, MPSE, Nancy Parker, MPSE
Foley Editors: Randy Guth, Mike Marino

The Mandalorian “Chapter One”

Supervising Sound Editors: David Acord, Matthew Wood
Sound Effects Editors: Bonnie Wild, Jon Borland, Chris Frazier, Pascal Garneau, Steve Slanec
Foley Editor: Richard Gould 
Foley Artists: Ronni Brown, Jana Vance  

The Terror: Infamy “Taizo”

Supervising Sound Editor: Gord Hillier
Sound Designer: Pat Haskill
Foley Artist: Maureen Murphy 
Foley Editor: Dean Giammarco

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan “Persona Non Grata”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jon Wakeham
Sound Designer: Russell Topal
Sound Effects Editor: Will Digby
Foley Artist: Dylan Wilhoit

Vikings “What Happens in the Cave”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jane Tattersall
Sound Effects Editors: Steve Medeiros
Foley Artists: Goro Koyama, Sandra Fox
Foley Editor: Chris King


Episodic Short Form - Music / Musical

Catch-22 “EP 101”

Supervising Music Editor: Michael Alexander

Daybreak “Cantu Tu Vida”

Supervising Music Editor: Eduardo Ponsdomenech
Music Editor: Christopher Kaller

Mr. Robot “Method Not Allowed”

Music Editor: Ben Zales

Swamp Thing “The Anatomy Lesson”

Music Editor: Matthew Llewellyn

This Is Us “Stranger”

Supervising Music Editor: Chris Foster

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan “Persona Non Grata”

Music Editors: Eric Wegener, Alex Levy

Vikings “What Happens in the Cave”

Supervising Music Editor: Yuri Gorbachow
Music Editor: Lise Beauchesne

Wu Tang: An American Saga “All In Together Now”

Music Editor: Shie Rozow

Episodic Long Form - Dialogue / ADR

Chernobyl “Please Remain Calm”

Supervising Sound Editor: Stefan Henrix
Supervising ADR Editor:  Harry Barnes
Dialogue Editor: Michael Maroussas

Game of Thrones “The Bells”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Supervising ADR Editor: Tim Hands, MPSE
Dialogue Editors: Paul Bercovitch, John Matter

Peaky Blinders “Mr. Jones”

Supervising Sound Editor: Nigel Heath
Dialogue Editor: Adele Fletcher
ADR Editor: Adele Fletcher

Succession “This is Not for Tears”

Supervising Sound Editor: Nicholas Renbeck
Dialogue Editors: Bill Orrico, Marlena Grzaslewicz
Supervising ADR Editor: Angela Organ
ADR Editor: Lidia Tamplenizza

The Crown “Aberfan”

Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Tom Williams
ADR Editor:  Steve Little

The Handmaid’s Tale “Mayday”

Supervising Sound Editors: David McCallum, Jane Tattersall
Dialogue Editor: Brent Pickett
ADR Editor: Krystin Hunter

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “A Jewish Girl Walks into the Apollo”

Supervising Sound Editor: Ron Bochar 
Dialogue Editor: Sara Stern
ADR Editor: Ruth Hernandez

True Detective “The Great War and Modern Memory”

Supervising Sound Editors: Mandell Winter, MPSE, David Esparza, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Micah Loken, MPSE, Bernard Weiser, MPSE


Episodic Long Form - Sound Effects / Foley

Black Mirror “Striking Vipers”

Supervising Sound Editor: Steve Browell
Sound Designer: Steve Browell
Foley Artist: Barnaby Smyth
Foley Editor: Mathias Schuster

Chernobyl “1:23:45”

Supervising Sound Editor: Stefan Henrix
Sound Designer: Joe Beal
Foley Editors: Philip Clements, Tom Stewart
Foley Artist:  Anna Wright

Game of Thrones “The Bells”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Bradley Katona, MPSE Luke Gibleon
Foley Artists: Jeffrey Wilhoit, MPSE Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
Foley Editor: Brett Voss, MPSE

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance “What Was Sundered and Undone”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Nielsen
Sound Designers: David Farmer, MPSE, Tim Nielsen
Sound Effects Editors: Andre Zweers, Jon Borland, Addison Teague, Lee Gilmore, MPSE
Foley Artists: Shelley Roden, MPSE, John Roesch, MPSE
Foley Editor: Anthony De Francesco

Peaky Blinders “Strategy”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jim Goddard
Sound Effects Editor: Sarah Elias
Foley Artists: Catherine Thomas, Anna Wright
Foley Editor: Tom Stewart

Stranger Things “Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt”

Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Henighan, William Files, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Angelo Palazzo, Katie Halliday
Foley Artist: Steven Baine

True Detective “The Great War and Modern Memory”

Supervising Sound Editor: Mandell Winter, MPSE
Sound Designer: David Esparza, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Ryan Collins, MPSE
Foley Editor: Eryne Prine, MPSE
Foley Artists: Sarah Monat, Robin Harlan

Watchmen “The Extraordinary Being”

Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
Sound Designer: Harry Cohen, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, MPSE
Foley Artist: Zane Bruce, Lindsay Pepper 
Foley Editor: Antony Zeller, MPSE, AJ Shapiro

Episodic Long Form - Music / Musical

American Gods “Donar the Great”

Music Editor: Kevin Banks, MPSE

Billions “Fight Night”

Music Editor: Shari Johanson

Carnival Row “The Gloaming”

Music Editor: Greg Vines

Dark “An Endless Cycle”

Music Editor: Lewis Morison

Game of Thrones “The Long Night”

Music Editor: David Klotz

NOS4A2 “The Shorter Way”

Music Editor: Michael Brake, MPSE

Succession “This is Not for Tears”

Music Editors: Todd Kasow, John Finklea

The Handmaid’s Tale “Mayday”

Supervising Music Editor: Yuri Gorbachow
Music Editor: Lise Beauchesne


Animation Short Form

3 Below “Tales of Arcadia”

Supervising Sound Editor: Otis Van Osten
Sound Designer: James Miller
Dialogue Editors: Jason Oliver, Carlos Sanches
Foley Artists: Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti
Foley Editor: Tommy Sarioglou

DC Showcase "Sgt. Rock"

Sound Designer: Robert Hargreaves, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Mark Keatts
Dialogue Editor: Mike Garcia, MPSE
ADR Editor: Kelly Foley-Downs

Love, Death & Robots “The Secret War”

Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
Sound Designer: Craig Henighan
Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, Troy Prehmus
Dialogue Editor: Bradley North
Music Editor: Jeff Charbonneau
Foley Artists: Alicia Stevenson, Dawn Lunsford

Overwatch: Sigma “Origin Story”

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Menichini, MPSE
Sound Designer: Brian Johnson, Chris De La Pena
Dialogue Editor: Christopher Cody Flick, MPSE, Isaac Hammons
Sound Effects Editors: Christopher Battaglia, MPSE, John Thomas, Lawrence Peacock, Gary Summers
Supervising Music Editor: Derek Duke
Music Editors: Mark Petrie, Jake Lefkowitz

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Evil League of Mutants, Part 1&2”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Jessey Drake, MPSE
Foley Editor: Carol Ma
Dialogue Editor: John Deligiannis

Star Wars: Resistance “The Voxx Vortex 5000”

Supervising Sound Editors: David Acord, Matthew Wood
Sound Effects Editors: David Collins
Foley Supervisor: Frank Rinella
Foley Artists: Andrea Gard
Foley Editor: Frank Rinella

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle “Amazamoose and Squirrel Wonder: Chapter Five”

Supervising Sound Editors: Rob McIntyre, Devon Bowman
Sound Designer: Lawrence Reyes
Dialogue Editor: Kerry Iverson-Brody
Sound Effects Editor: Peter Munters
Foley Artist: Monique Reymond 
Foley Editors: Roberto D. Alegria, Ezra Walker

Single Presentation

Catherine the Great

Supervising Sound Editor: Jim Goddard
Sound Designer: Craig Butters
Dialogue Editor: Duncan Price
ADR Editor: Matthew Mewett
Music Editor: Andrew Glen
Foley Artists: Catherine Thomas, Anna Wright
Foley Editor: Philip Clements

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Supervising Sound Editors: Nick Forshager, Todd Toon, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Kathryn Madsen
Sound Effects Editor: Luke Gibleon
Dialogue Editor: Jane Boegel
Foley Editor: Jeff Cranford 
Music Editor: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant J. Fuhrmann
Foley Artists: Gregg Barbanell, MPSE, Alex Ullrich 

Into the Dark: Culture Shock

Supervising Sound Editors: Roland Thai, Justin Walker, MPSE
Music Editor: Mark Skillingberg
Foley Artist:  Jonathan Bruce
Foley Editors: Amy Barber, Julia Huberman

Transparent Musicale Finale

Supervising Sound Editor: Wade Barnett
Sound Effects Editor: Michael Baird
ADR Editor: Ryan Briley
Music Editor: Angie Rubin

When They See Us

Supervising Sound Editor: John Benson
Sound Designer: Bruce Tanis, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Susan Dudeck
Sound Effects Editors: Elliott Koretz, MPSE, Matt Wilson, Suat Ayas, MPSE, Mark Larry
Dialogue Editors: Susan Dudeck, Chase Keene, Jesse Pomeroy, Naaman Haynes, Bobbi Banks, MPSE
ADR Editor: Chase Keene
Music Editor: Jen Monnar
Foley Artists: Dawn Lunsford, Alicia Stevenson