Broadcast Media Balloting Method


The Board of Directors shall set deadlines for receipt of entries. These deadlines shall be printed on all entry forms and shall be absolute.

The Supervising Sound Editor of each show must supply FIVE (5) separate broadcast version copies for each category entered by the submission deadline or the submission will not be considered for nomination. These copies must be on NTSC DVDs unless digital on-line submissions are allowed for that category. The Supervising Sound Editor will provide the time or times to be viewed along with a description of each section to be viewed.


  1. There will be no less than two (2) Chairpersons per category.
  2. For nomination balloting there will be a minimum of five (5) panel members per category.
  3. For final balloting there will be a minimum of ten (10) panel members per category.
  4. For nomination balloting, panel members will watch the indicated screening times. For final balloting, panel members will watch the entire episode or show.
  5. Broadcast Media entries that receive the top eight (8) votes of the Blue Ribbon Panel will automatically be nominated.
  6. The same structure will apply to the Broadcast Media Blue Ribbon panels as in the feature film category for final balloting.