The Motion Picture Sound Editors shall annually present MPSE Golden Reel Awards for excellence in Sound Editing, including Dialogue Editing, ADR Editing, Sound Effects Editing, Sound Design, Music Editing and Foley Artistry.



The Rules of the MPSE Golden Reel Awards shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and shall be ratified by the vote of the Active Members in good standing of the Motion Picture Sound Editors or by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Only after plurality approval of the Board of Directors and the Active Membership, or the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, shall alterations of the Rules be in effect.



The following rules shall apply to all categories, except for the Verna Fields Student Award:

  1. To be eligible for nomination in any category entry paperwork must be submitted, fully completed and received by the specified time and date.
  2. All entries shall be eligible only in the form in which they are initially released in the United States.
  3. There will always be a minimum of three (3) nominees in a category. If there are less than three (3) entries the entries shall be carried over to the following year, with one exception. If there are less than three (3) submissions in either Feature Motion Picture - Underscore and or Feature Motion Picture - Musical the categories will be combined into a single category, Feature Motion Picture - Music, which will follow the rules according to the Feature Motion Picture - Music Score category.
  4. In all categories the number of nominations shall correlate to the number of eligible submissions in each category in the following manner:

Number of Eligible Submissions

Number of Nominations











These limitations do not affect how tie and Chair Recommendation rules are applied.


  1. In the event that a tie would push the number of nominees past eight (8), the tied films or entries will be nominated, and Chair Recommendations will not be considered.
  2. Advertisements, trailers, promos, or other commercial work in which the primary goal is to promote or raise awareness of a brand or product is not eligible and will not qualify for any award categories. This includes Computer Entertainment cut clips which are used solely for advertising / promotional purposes, which are also not eligible.
  3. Ballots shall always be counted by an independent arbitrator.
  4. The Sound Supervisor(s) shall be notified of their nomination by the Chairpersons. The Supervisor shall submit an entry form listing the qualifying crew with the correct spelling of each name.
  1. Chair Recommendations - Based upon screenings and review of submitted documentation provided with the awards submission, panel chairs will have the ability to recommend promoting qualified feature film submissions that they deem deserving of recognition to nomination.
    • When a feature film category has less than eight (8) nominations based on General Rule #4, the chairs may recommend as many qualified submissions available to bring the total number of nominations to eight (8).
    • In categories where eight (8) nominees are determined based on General Rule #4, the panel chairs have the option to recommend a ninth nominee that they deem deserving of recognition.
    • The Board of Directors will consider each recommendation of the chairs and vote to promote each recommended submission to nomination. A majority vote from the Board of Directors will be necessary to promote the recommendation to the field of nominees.
    • If any Board member or officer has a working contribution to any Chair Recommendation, he or she must identify that fact and excuse themselves from the vote. The vote must then be tabulated by secret ballot.
    • For a feature film to be considered for Chair Recommendation, the feature film must have completed an awards entry submission.
    Chair Recommendations are not required during the nomination process, but allowed.
  2. The MPSE reserves the right to disqualify any nomination or award determined to be ineligible within one year of the Golden Reel Awards presentation. In the event that an award is revoked, the remaining eligible nominee with the highest number of votes will receive the award.
  3. A maximum of eight (8) trophies can be awarded at the Golden Reel Awards ceremony. For winning crews that exceed eight (8) editors, additional trophies may be purchased.
  4. Should the submitter wish to contest qualifying crew size, s/he may submit a request to the MPSE office for exception to be considered by the Board.
  5. A single entry cannot be submitted for consideration of the same discipline in multiple categories. I.e. a Foreign Language Feature Documentary may be submitted in Foreign Language Feature or Feature Documentary, but not both categories as both categories consider the same disciplines of sound editorial.
  6. Submissions of different episodes from the same series are only allowed if submitted by different crews under a different supervisor. This rule effects all Broadcast Media categories, including Live Action Under 35:00, all Episodic Short Form, and all Episodic Long Form categories. In the event that different episodes from the same series qualify in different categories, the submissions will only be eligible for consideration if the work adheres to this rule.