Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action Under 35:00


"This Is Not Our World"

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Relyea, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Julie Altus
Sound Designer: David Barbee, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Russell Gorsky, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Chris Kahwaty, MPSE
Foley Artists: Damien Smith, Joseph T. Sabella, Jesi Rupple
Music Editor: Bruno Roussel, MPSE

“Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going”

Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Sean Heissinger
Sound Designer: Rickley Dumm, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Candice Brunello
Foley Artists: Hilda Hodges, Rick Owens, MPSE
Foley Editor: John Sanacore, MPSE, Clayton Weber, MPSE
Music Editor: Michael Brake, MPSE
Everything Sucks!
"We Were Merely Freshmen"

Supervising Sound Editor: Christopher Gomez
Sound Designers: Christopher Gomez, Kent Militzer
Sound Effects Editor: Kent Militzer
Dialogue Editor: Mason Kopeikin
Foley Artist: Habib Tannous
Music Editor: Jenny Barak
The Good Place
NBC / Universal

Supervising Sound Editor: J. Brent Findley, MPSE 
Sound Effects Editor: Kevin McCullough, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Greg Brown
Foley Artists: Jody Thomas, Elizabeth Rainey 
Foley Editor: Terry Boyd Jr.
Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant J. Fuhrmann

NBC / Universal

Supervising Sound Editor: Kevin Buchholz
Sound Designer: Jeff Pitts
Dialogue Editor: Polly McKinnon
Foley Artists: Pam Kahn, Dominique Decaudain
Foley Editors: Alex Knickerbocker, Randal Guth, Mike Marino
Music Editor: Ben Zales

"The Cookie"

Supervising Sound Editor: Sue Cahill
Sound Effects Editor: Jonathan Golodner
Dialogue Editor: Jane Boegel-Koch
ADR Editor: Sara Bencivenga
Foley Artists: Pam Kahn, MPSE, Dominique Decaudain
Foley Editors: Randall Guth, Derek McGinley
Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Michael Brake

One Day at a Time

Supervising Sound Designer / Editor: Tim Terusa
Sound Effects Editor: Tamara Johnson
Dialogue Editors: Tim Terusa, Tamara Johnson
Music Editor: Chris Foster

Short Treks
"The Brightest Star"
CBS All Access

Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor
Sound Designer: Tim Farrell
Sound Effects Editor: Mike Schapiro
Dialogue Editor: Sean Heissinger
Foley Artists: Nancy Parker, MPSE, Chris Moriana
Foley Editor: John Sanacore, MPSE
Music Editor: Matt Decker

"Now Your Tongue is Coded"
Plan B Entertainment / Starz

Supervising Sound Editor: Glenfield Payne, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Damian Volpe, MPSE
Dialogue Editor:
Ian Gaffney-Rosenfeld
ADR Editor: Ruth Hernandez, MPSE
Foley Artist: Jay Peck
Foley Editors: Matt Haasch, Heather Gross, MPSE

Music Editor: Chad Birmingham

Young Sheldon
 "An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius" 

 Supervising Sound Editor: Michael Ferdie 
Sound Effects Editor: Adam King 
Dialogue Editor: Lee Dragu, MPSE 
Foley Artists: Sanaa Kelley, Matt Salib
Foley Editor: Lucy Wolf, Arno Stephanian, MPSE

Music Editor: Joe Deveau